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Enhance Modern is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Mascot NSW that specialised in Web design and development, as well as social media content creation and marketing.

Taking upon the role of Creative Director within this start-up business, I was employed to create a strong brand and online presence for the company, and to oversee every single design element that was created and published by the business. Working with developers throughout my employment, my main duties were to create desktop and mobile responsive designs for the development team.

This package displays every collateral that was designed for Enhance Modern, along with links to other works produced during my employment. Recommended for viewing: Mirage Whitsundays

Programs utilised: Photoshop / Illustrator

Projects Completed whilst at Enhance Modern: Mirage Whitsundays, Kiddy Cuts, Pole Ex Studio (logo development)


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Shortly after joining Enhance Modern, the business engaged two design interns. I observed a big difference in the style of works being created, with many typography issues.

To encourage consistency between all works, I took the initiative to create a style guide for the interns' reference.

This style guide provided all possible design styles for different projects. Since the creation of the guide, the edits I had to make as Creative director was greatly reduced. Designs produced by the team at Enhance Modern also possessed a distinct look that was consistent across the board.